Pranayana - the yoga of breathing

Prana is the life breath.  It is also known as "Chi"

We all breathe but are not always aware of how we are breathing and what it means.  Breath is a powerful tool and is a great force and source of energy.  If we can learn to breathe properly we can heal ourselves with our breath, generate energy and warmth within our body and activate the flow of our blood.

In our yoga we only use our mouth to breathe in and/or out.  We do not use the nose which is also used in other forms of yoga.

Breathe from the lower abdomen (tanden) which is the core.

Imagine a thread from your anus to your navel.  The centre of the thread is approximately where your core is.  First breathe lightly focusing on the centre.  Your centre is like a pilot light that needs to be ignited.  Unless the pilot light is ignited the gas (energy) cannot flow. 

Breathe in and take that breath all the way to the centre.

Breathe out and flush it out from the centre.

Let the energy flow.  Let the blood flow. Ignite the fire.

Try "Prana" movements and breathing in the Sacred Ragas.  And also try to chant with        " Mantras of the 7 Chakras"  and "Kundalini Rising".

Shaktiyoga - the path to release your inner Goddess.