Chakra Meditation 

Mantra of the 7 chakras.

RAM - Muladhara   (base of the spine)

VAM - Swadhisthana  (pelvis)

YAM - Manipura  (navel)

LAM - Anahata  (heart)

BAM - Visudha  (throat)

OM - Ajnana  (between the eyes)

silence - Sahasrara (top of the head - crown)

  (go to Chakras for more information)

Feel the vibration as you chant.  Questions? Email Shakti.

Kundalini Rising

Let your body flow but with control and chant the sacred mantras in sequence as you focus on each chakra and let the kundalini rise.

Dance is a form of meditation.

If you cannot do a back bend, don't worry.  Just bend as much as you can like this ->>>>>>


Shaktiyoga - the path to release your inner Goddess.