7 Chakras - Wheels of Energy / 7 centres of energies in the human body

Click on the symbol to find more information on each chakra.  (coming soon - please wait)

Muladhara - Root Chakra

Location:  base of the spine

Symbolises:   basic survival needs (roots), stability, body

Element:  Earth

Colour:  Red

Senses:  Smell

Mantra:  RAM

Svadhisthana - Sacral Chakra

Location: Pelvis

Symbolises:   creativity, movement, desire, sexual energy

Element:  Water

Colour:  Orange

Sense:  Taste

Mantra:  VAM

Manipura:  Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Navel

Symbolises:   Manifestation of desire, power & determination

Element:  Fire

Colour:  Gold

Sense:  Vision

Mantra:  YAM

Anahata:  Heart Chakra
Location:  Heart
Symbolises:  Love & compassion
Element:  Air
Colour:  Green
Sense:  Touch
Mantra:  LAM

Vidhudha:  Throat Chakra
Location:  Throat
Symbolises:  Communication, expression
Element:  Ether
Colour:  Blue
Sense:  Hearing
Mantra:  BAM

Ajnana:  Third Eye Chakra
Location:  Between the eyes
Symbolises:  Light, clarity, wisdom
Element:  Light
Colour:  Violet
Sense:  Intuition
Mantra:  AUM (OM)

Sahasrara:  Crown Chakra
Location:  Crown, nervous system
Symbolises:  Infinity, universality, union
Element:  Space
Colour:  Colourless, clear light
Sense:  Beyond all senses
Mantra:  silence

Shaktiyoga - the path to release your inner Goddess.

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