Intro - About Shakti

 Shakti in Varanasi in the Ganges River.


Vasanta, Shakti & Jorg in Juhu Beach, Mumbai.


Using the breath, prana, as a powerful tool to create the flow of infinite energy in your body is what yoga is all about.  Being conscious of your breathing will enhance the flow of the blood in your veins and lead way to a healthier body and a more alert mind.

Breathing is something we all do but never are really aware of it. 

If we can focus on the breath and use it, we will be able to understand our body and what is needed to keep it healthy and aware.  


The yoga focuses on the breath.

Breathing is done from the lower abdomen and through the mouth.  Don't breathe from your lungs  Breathe from the core of the body.  (lower abdomen) 

As you inhale feel the breath pass through the whole body.  As you exhale, exhale forcefully and tighten your lower abdomen.  Just by doing the breathing properly, you will gain stomach muscles.  Remember to contract / flatten your stomach forcefully as you exhale and not push it out.  Contract it to get every last bit of air out.

Shakti was taught by her father from an early age - from when she was aware.  Yoga was not something to practice but it was a way of life.  It is an ongoing process of discipline to the end of your life.

The practice begins with you creating your space. Your centre is deeply rooted into the earth like a giant eucalypt tree whose roots dig deep into the earth looking for water.  The movements are fluid and flows like water and at times become a cyclone or typhoon.  The motions continue to be swept away in the air (with the wind)  becoming lighter and detached. Once the gusts subside you are ready to ignite the fire and generate the heat from within the body bringing  awareness to your self and where you stand in this cosmic space.   

The cycle continues.


Shaktiyoga - the path to release your inner Goddess.

Shakti & Vasanta in Udaipur.