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Etsuko Kawaguchi    (Sui no Kai)​

Koto Music Concert


"Blissfully hypnotic climaxing with dissonance and musical momentum.  Simply close your eyes and journey to the land and people of Japan."  (Adelaide  Review)

After successful shows in both Adelaide and Avignon, Etsuko returns to Tokyo to serenade us with her music. 

Though the koto may not be easily accessible to the western audience, after over 10 years of playing in Adelaide, she has now a loyal following and the audience continues to grow each year with those who flock to find peace of mind and soul in this busy world.

「不協和音と音楽的な勢いを持つこの上なく幸福な催眠術の絶頂。 ただ目を閉じなさい。そして旅立ちなさい、日本へと、日本の人々の心へと。」





3:00-3:45 pm  (sunday 26th only)

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