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Shakti Studio, home of the Tokyo Fringe Festival was built in 2002 and is located across the Ara River in Katsushika-ku, the fringe of Tokyo.

The studio space can be used in various ways such as for classes, workshops, seminars or events.  And it can also be set up with black curtains, seating and technical equipment and be turned into a lovely intimate black box theatre seating 30.  (can seat up to 50 with more floor seating / cushions)

Here is a space where artists can experiment and "create without fear",  try out something they have always wanted to.  We are open to all.
Here is where something can start.  This is not a place to make money.  But it is also not a place where you have to spend much either.

Our staff is there to welcome you and assist you in everyway.

Come join us across the Ara River in the "shitamachi", fringe of Tokyo.

It is the artists who breathes life into the space.

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