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Avignon Festival 2020  / 2021  / 2022  /  2023 was a great success.   / NOW 2024 !

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"Le plus grande théâtre du monde" 

Découvrez toute la richesse du spectacle vivant !

The largest theatre in the world!

Discover all the richness of live performance.

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Avignon Festival OFF where Avignon comes alive.
Artists come to share.
Audience comes to listen and learn.
A beautiful festival filled with tradition of art, food, wine, culture and fun.

Avignon Festival is one of a kind. It is as if time has stopped.


Artists parading around in costume.
Buskers all over the Place des Papes.
You are transported back in time where festivals were for the people.  Laughter and chaos reigns.

This is AVIGNON - the largest theatre in the world.

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