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The Garage International

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Come park your hopes and dreams with us and join us for the summer festivals. 
The Garage International is a professional venue run by an international artist catering to the needs of an international artist. 
Our image is the eternal fire burning bright that destroys all boundaries and borders, social morals and taboos.

We invite the controversial and the radical as long as you believe in what you have to say and what you do. Also remember that the tamest traditional thing can be just as unique in this chaotic world.

In 1999 we were proud to host 30 companies from over 10 different countries in the Edinburgh Fringe
Every show got reviewed at least once. 
In 1998 we were the recipient of the 'Spirit of the Fringe ' award.

"Fringe Nirvana" said the Scotsman.  We have been listed in the top major venues of the festival by the Guardian newspaper.
We then proceeded to the Avignon Public Off Festival in 2001 and then to the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2002 and then to the
Montreal Fringe Festival in 2003.  And now we have started the Tokyo Fringe Festival. 
Currently we are operating in 3 festivals encompassing 3 continents. (Avignon/Europe,  Adelaide/Australia and Tokyo/Asia)

Each festival and location has its own special feel and uniqueness about it.  It is impossible to say which is better.  All of them have a special place as all of us have a special place in this world.

Since the Fringe in Edinburgh started in 1947, its motive and aim was to give a new experience to those who came, to share something special, to challenge and to dare to experiment, and not be afraid of failure. Though we may be starting to enter into a new era, this will never change. 

Artists have come from as far as the other side of the world to share their thoughts and dreams.  

Audiences have come equally as far to listen.

The Garage International is here to receive and embrace all.  We will keep growing, nourished by you - both artists and audience.

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