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Welcome to The Garage International.

After 3 years of The Garage International going local we are now back to international but also embracing the wonderful local artists.  2023 was an exciting year.   Artists came from various parts of the world.


Our new venue , TGI @ Crack is an intimate space suitable for theatre, magic, dance and comedy and actually everything!  Located on the 2nd Level of the popular Crack Kitchen.  This is an intimate venue seating 50.  Please come and check out both our Adelaide Town Hall and Crack spaces.  We have a great array of artists.

2024 will be here in no time.  Please come and support us and all the artists both local and international.

Please feel free to contact us for any comments or questions.

Do you have an artist you think would  be perfect for our venue?  

Do you have a show you want to put on?

Do you have something you want to see?

Let us know.  We are open to all suggestions.

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