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"2020 and 2021 are cancelled due to COVID-19.   Let's look forward to 2022."     (This was not a success.)
"Realistically 2022 is the one most likely to happen. Plan now for 2022.  We need to be optimistic."
(Optimism did not work.  2022 did not happen.)

BUT 2023 did happen.  We were there and had a great time.  It wasn't easy after 3 years of absence.  Many things changed and were different but we managed it all and had a great festival.  We are very grateful to the artists who were with us and supported us and helped out at the venue and box office. 

And we are looking forward to 2024. 

Due to the Paris Olympics, the festival dates have been shifted.  The Festival will be from 3 - 21 July.
The Garage International will run from 5- 16 July.

Nicolas is a venue seating 40 including includes floor seating on cushions.

As in all Fringe Festivals,, you will need to get in and strike out quickly.  It would be wise to keep the show simple and professional and rely on your art and talent rather than on heavy props. 

Performance area is 5m x 4m.  

Contact us to let us know what you would like.  We are flexible and we will work out the best solution together.  We know the festival and the audience there so will try our best to suggest ways to make your participation a successful one. 

But please note that there is no guarantee that your show will sell. 

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