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The eternal classical western music that never ages with time

and the beauty and vulnerability of the human body

and soul are portrayed in this piece.


Dance in its purest form.


"She is not young.

She is a woman with much experience in life and in love.

Eternal dancer, Shakti -

the dancing phoenix,

the sculpture in motion,

the nymph of sensuality

dances in the nude with an interpretation full of serenity,

emotion and beauty to the classical music.

One can see the sculpturesque postures reminiscent of the Hindu temples and imagine a goddess descending from the heavens."


The technique and expression of Indian Classical Dance and Yoga give an essence of exotic spirituality which is mysterious and erotic but, above all, has a very human aspect.


Beethoven -  Moonlight Sonata (Birth)

Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Miner (Life)

Yann Tierson - C'estait Ici (Conflict)

Albinoni - Adagio (The Beast  Within)

Pachelbel - Canon (Liberation)



choreographed and danced by Shakti

projections taken by Jorg Hacker

lighting by Jorg Hacker

Classique Nu is created by Shakti and Jorg Hacker

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