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"Enlightening and encompassing." Glam Adelaide

"The show is performed on a simple empty stage framed with black walls.  Fully naked, Shakti makes it clear that the importance of the performance far out strips the distraction of a set or costume.  The performance starts with an immediate focus on the intricacies of Indian fine finger work and highlighting powerful muscle distinction.  She uses a projector to superimpose her dancing over her own body against the black walls of the stage which has a profound other worldly feeling to it creating the ambiance of an ethereal entity dancing with her in tandem.  At different stages of the show through physical means, she moves to describe major stages of and influential moments during the human life.

A moving performance by a woman who boldly involves herself wholly and passionately in a refined cross cultural journey.

by Simon Lancione

Rating:  5 out of 5


"I've known Shakti for almost entire my life but I am always amazed by her original work - it is so deep and powerful, timesless and avant-garde.  Classique Nu featured a digital artwork of her dancing about 15 years ago.  Shakti was dancing with herself transcending time and space.  Surreally beautiful. "

by Boram Lee 

Senior Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management - University of South Australia, Adelaide


"Saw it twice, I would see this performance 5 more times if I could.  An exquisite poem on strength, vulnerability & courage, as essay on our relationship with the body throughout the lifetime, whose conclusion is clear:  when mind & body embrace one another, rather than battle against, spiritual harmony can be obtained.  Technical mastery combined with consummate artistry, create an extraordinary & spell-binding performance.

Reviewed by Julieatta C

Adelaide, Australia


"Danced in the nude, to strains of Beethoven, Bach, Pachelbel and Albinoni, Shakti tantalisingly and erotically explores the beauty and vulnerability of the human body and soul. 

Regularly sold-out in Avignon where she has now performed it over 150 times, this especially deserves to be seen by admirers of the quality and emotion of dance.

by John Ovenden

The Herald


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