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“One can say that this is a show for everyone – all ages and races and countries.

It is a marriage of Indian Classical dance and Western Classical Music.

And the rest is Shakti in her nakedness without pretence.

She is just herself.

The dance is with natural movements of the body and facial expressions.

It is a complete expression!  (C'est un tout!)

Salome needed the 7 veils to get what she wanted.

Shakti needs nothing.

And she asks for nothing.”

(Jean-Yves Bertrand  -Revue Spectacle- Avignon)


« Magnifique ! » (A Hugoulin - La Marseillaises)


« Une veritable merveille ! Tout simplement superbe. C'est visuel, auditif, poetique, spirituel.

On est touche pas cetteperformance d'art vivant. »

A true merveille (gem). Simply superb. It is visual, auditive, poetic, spiritual.

One is touched by this live art performance.  (Le Dauphine Libere)


“The erotisme is not provocative nor vulgar. There are just the movements that magnify the

lines of the body and the canons of the sculpturesque beauty.”

La Marseillaise – Alice Hygoulin


“A show that is not for the rational intellectuals,  purists or for those who think of  censorship but for all those who simply just love life.     (qui aiment, tout simplement, la vie)

(La Provence)

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