What is there to say about Shakti that hasn’t already been printed in hundreds of reviews over the past ten years? She’s won over the critics while shocking the establishment. She runs a venue that serious journalists and eager audiences flock to, queuing around the block to witness cutting edge art in all its forms.  She is "Queen of the Fringe."



"The erotic and the sacred collide and melt as Shakti, beyond narcissism and self-loathing, unleashes the forces of Eros

and death and becomes a woman who dances with the wolves."  SUSAN WALKER, TORONTO STAR

"From the second the Japanese dancer stamps her first warrior pose, she pulls us into a secret and savage world

of raw energy. She has no boundaries, no fear. Her hour-long performance rushed by and left the audience

hungry for more."  THE ARGUS


The piece delivered all that it promised. As she crawled across the floor, the train becoming a veil, a western eye

saw the vamp and the femme fatale, woman as Madonna and whore and it recalled the erotic carvings on

South Indian temples.    INSIGHT, JAPAN


"She writhes across the battlefield of pornography and art displaying a prowess in complete eroticized

movement."    WHAT'S ON, LONDON


"Shakti does more than grab attention, she holds it rapt!"   INDEPENDENT - LONDON


"Shakti performs with curvaceous fluidity and demonic drive.  A wild dance performance not to be missed."



"The most raved and ravaged dance performer!  Some critics live to hate Shakti; others defend her to the death."



"Shakti seduces us with her eyes and beckons us to join her in her wild dance.  She has no boundaries no fears of leaping

beyond our perception of reality."  BRIGHTON ARGUS


"The audience did not bat an eye, lest the fireball force of energy with a feline personality jumps into your lap and gives you the fright of your life!"    LONDON EVENING STANDARD