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"Venture out from the Garden, go to the Garage and experience some earthly delights!".     (Rip It Up)

Adelaide Fringe 2024 was a smashing success.

Audience flocked to see the international shows we had on offer and were delighted with the variety and the uniqueness.

Now we are in the final stages for Avignon Festival OFF which takes place in Avignon in Southern France in July.  And we are proud to announce that many of the shows that were with us here will join us there to. 

*Iran Saye Theatre with its alternative experimental theatre Persephone

*Elias Fairngersh with his magical trombone

*Lisa Brickell with her funny show about having kids and post natal depression Shhh!

*Art Group Seigai with their powerful silent show Sun and Crystal

Masaki Murata with his intense and amazing tap dance, Murata Tasogare- Twilight Tap

and of course

*Shakti with Orpheus

Yes, it is from Adelaide to Avignon.

Adelaide 2025 will be here in no time.  It is always good to start planning early.  Keep us in mind and contact us as soon as possible.  Applications open in JUNE.  We will be running 2 venues:  The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall and another smaller space.

Email us if  you wish to receive notifications of our Fringe specials. 

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