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Swan Lake

Swan Lake premiered in Tokyo Jean Jean Theatre in 1997.  The piece was created when a journalist from Tokyo Press wrote that the furthest thing he could think of was Shakti doing the Swan Lake.  Once challenged, Shakti was determined to do it.  It was a sell-out show in Tokyo and then it went to Edinburgh in 1998 where it received from "one" to "five" star reviews.   It was a sensation and was one of the signature pieces that created Shakti's image for defying the norm and stepping out of all boundaries and borders.  

This was also the year that Borat came to Edinburgh in his "disguise" as a journalist from a far away country and interviewed Shakti.  And it was one of his few interviews which the artist actually got the last word! 

Since then, Shakti's Swan Lake has traveled to France, UK, Canada, Japan  and  also to Australia in 2000. 

The piece has an even more important meaning because this is the reason Shakti now lives in Australia.  When she performed Swan Lake at the Adelaide Fringe 2000, little did she know that her future husband was sitting in the front row.

Shakti & Jorg have been together since, working on art and science.  Jorg is the chief scientist of Airborne Research Australia.   He also now is the Managing Director of The Garage International and is the lighting & sound designer and operator for Shakti's shows. 

Shakti works with Jorg as a field assistant and accompanies him all over Australia sitting next to him in the aircraft and operating the high-tech instruments . 


Together they make an incredible team.  

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