Pink Floyd's Ummagumma:  Dance of Surrealism & Illusion

Shakti's Reviews

Scotsman - Edinburgh (Donald Hutera)

She moves like liquid fire.  Her potent stage presence communicates.  
She has the ability to embody the mythic elemental forces through dance, and thereby achieve both physical and spiritual liberation.

La Marseillaise - Avignon, France

Shakti evokes love, death and life with the plentiful gestures of India.
The footwork is rhythmic and strong. 

The arm movements are precise and resemble the 
goddesses and apasaras. The sensuality magnifies the lines of the female body and shows  the sculpturesque beauty. 

Shakt’s dance goes beyond appearance.

London Time Out (Donald Hutera)

Shakti performs with curvacious fluidity and demonic drive.

Three Weeks Edinburgh

Dancing with utmost energy and radiating passion, we see

in this show a fitting confirmation of why Shakti is a Fringe

name you should be familiar with.

Shakti in Pink Floyd's Ummagumma