Eternal India

From tradition to origin

45 minutes is not long to traverse the cycle of life, but Shakti does a convincing job of it in her program of four dances. The opening temple dance from Orissa invokes the powers of the universe and invites them into the soul. We are quickly mesmerised by dynamic footwork, intricate arm/hand movements and graceful strength in classical poses, accompanied by tabla-driven recorded music. Against a bare backdrop, clever lighting provides a troupe of twirling, leaping shadow dancers. Shakti’s spoken introductions are perfectly chosen to bridge any cultural divide. A frisky dance of spring followed by a seductive dance of love set the scene for the glorious ‘final dance of ultimate liberation’ signifying an ending – to a night of dance, or perhaps a life – and we are left breathless and uplifted.

Kate Battersby & Ian Newton (Adelaide Now)


Only rapt praise for this show and its solo performer, Shakti. After many years of performance, this intimate 50-minute show won?t shock or offend, but it does entertain and inform. Shakti has studied Indian philosophy, pooled with her obvious mastery of technique, and love of the Indian mythological stories of the gods,  goddesses, humans and animals comes through in every step. She tells and acts out a short synopsis between each dance, bringing greater depth and enjoyment to the audience.

See the roots of Bollywood dance, intertwine it with the mythology of India, a dash of geography, strikingly effective lighting, then let it be served by a performer with the precision and grace of a stellar artist, and voila! It?s a fabulous mix.

Anthea Brotherton  (Adelaide)

l'Inde Eternelle

De la tradition à l'origine

'Totalement fidele au genre ‑ une veritable delicatesse elle est une technicienne averie: elegement precise dans les travaux purement rythmique, chaude et expressive dans la narration de la danse et par desous tout, radiant de joie et de plasir quand elle danse.'


The Herald.


‘Les danses de Shakti sont des audes a la liberation, la joic et I'amour, exprimes avec une discipline grracieuse et une energie harminieuse alors qu'elle evolue au travers d'enchainement classiques.' ‑


3 Weeks


"Quand le genie de la danse touche de la main les dieux"    (lisez l'article)