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"Thus Fate Knocks at the Door"

"When the genius of dance is touched by the hands of God."

Bharata Natyam originated over 3000 years ago

in a South Indian Hindu Temple in the district of

Tamil Nadu.
It was first danced by the Devadasis, handmaidens

of God, who devoted their lives to the dance and

to the Gods.
Though the dance has moved from the temples

to the theatres, the spirituality and the devotion

remains unchanged.

Shakti was trained in Bharata Natyam since the

age of 3 under her mother, VasantaMala, the first

Japanese woman to introduce Indian Dance in Japan.

"Shakti's dances are odes to liberation, joy and

love expressed with a gracious discipline and

harmonious energy which is underlined with her

classical training."  (Three Weeks)

"A fascinating dancer executing a fascinating dance!" (India Link)

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