Iri Roche & Joe Cornish
27 Feb at 4:40pm
2 Mar at 8:20pm
5 and 6 Mar 7:10pm
13 Mar at 4:40pm
6 Mar - SOLD OUT
Do you remember the first time
you heard colour?
The first time you saw music?
As musicians, we are familiar with
tone, as artists, we utilise tone in our
work, however as circus performers,
we must craft the tone of the work we present. Multiple disciplines, multiple tones, multiple sounds, multiple colours.
Chroma. Presenting a fusion of music and circus, artist Iri Roche, creator of the award winning show Flow, teams up with visual artist, musician, and circus performer Joe Cornish to create a fresh, vibrant work that further blurs the lines of colour, sound, circus, and art.
Join the emerging artists as they explore, through improvisational music, and fast paced circus, their own boundaries, and their artistic connection; a sure burst of colour for the whole family to enjoy.

Adelaide,  SA

Iri Roche is an up and coming young artist based in Adelaide with over 10 years of performance experience. 

With previous engagements including working with the State Opera, corporate events, dramatic and circus-based stage productions through the SA Circus Centre, radio, and musical performances both in ensembles and solo, Iri is a well rounded performer with a passion for creative expression.

As a multi instrumentalist and composer, Iri is a piano teacher who has been involved in the live music and recording scenes and has performed for Yamaha as part of the Playing For Change festival.

Joining the SA Circus Centre at the young age of 3, Iri has found a niche in creating interest from the ordinary and pushing his own creative limits, hoping to immerse audiences in his introverted world