Russia / Darwin

The Sickle of Love
Sveta Lyublyu
19 Feb at 7:10pm  (Preview $25)
20, 22, 24 Feb at 7:10pm
21 Feb at 3:30pm, 23 Feb at 9:30pm
$30 / $27
An outrageous story of Sveta, a Russian
immigrant who came to Adelaide many
years ago, in search of love.
Then she disappeared….
Rumours are that she went North before
COVID hit.
Where has she been?
Did she meet an old croc?
What happened on her date with Borat?
How many dates has she had?
She’s older but is she wiser?
Has she stopped searching?
Come on a musical adventure. It’s a little bit Russian with a 60’s twist, where you can laugh, tap your feet and sing out loud and not get shot. ‘Sickle’ is the creation of Lana Jankowiak with the support of family and cherished friends, whose journey of self-discovery as she learned about her Russian heritage, was the inspiration for the character of Sveta. A tribute to her heritage- to her mother who was a survivor and her greatest inspiration.

The Sickle of My LIfe  is part of the Darwin Fringe Showcase in Adelaide Fringe 2021