Melbourne, Victoria

Scratch arts

presents 3 exciting productions: 

Date Night           Murder Off a Duck's Back          Moist


Date Night

16-20 March at 6:00pm 

Tues- $20  Wed-Sat-$30 / $25 (group $20)

The butterflies and wide eyes of that first meeting… will this be the one?

Are we compatible for long walks on the beach?

All of the romantic fantasies explode in a comedic, theatrical event showcasing the real life drama that is dating. Pushed beyond the limits for a pretty crazy, wild thing we like to call love. Bon appetite!


Murder Off a Duck's Back

16-20 Mar at 7:30pm

Tues- $20  Wed-Sat- $30 / $25 (group $20)

The most shocking and hilarious absurdist thriller ever penned for the stage!

In the seediest of dive bars, 4 strangers are just trying to enjoy a damn drink when tragedy strikes! Our band of violent vagabonds are thrust into a magnificent mystery that threatens everything they hold close.

Who will live? Who will die?? Who gets to decide???

A barman, a spinster, a neurotic and a sleazebag walk into a bar, but the punch line doesn’t end there, follow our 4 idiom idiots along their absurd travels to a bloody wedding.

This film noir style murder-not-so-mystery is packed to the brim with all the ridiculous cliches and slapstick error comedy, a dash of romance, a squeeze of suspenseful climax (of both kinds) and a garnish of exaggerated obscenity.

Moist      16-20 Mar at 9:00p

Tues- $20   Wed-Sat - $30 / $25 (group $20)        

This racy and hilarious physical theatre spectacle is sopping wet as it takes you deep into a surreal disco fuelled dystopia.


Join us on our hunt for a glass of water in a world where the rich splash about and the working class toil in the soil. It’s all dribbling, all squelching, all moist performance art from a diverse range of thirst traps. This show packs a punch as it presents masculinity in a new and playful manner - Embracing the chest hair, the beer bellies and the inner beauty.


“Edgy, satisfying and unusual, an oddball offering for those who are after something a little off-centre and well-balanced.” “It was a whirlwind of unexpected delights."