Melbourne, VIC

An Evening With Defoe - The Plague

RAPt Productions


26 Feb / 12 Mar at 4:20pm

10 Mar at 6:00pm

11 Mar at 7:30pm

We are in London.

The time is 1722.

We are at the 18th Century equivalent of a writer’s festival. A mature man in full wig sits at a high desk.

He is Daniel Defoe.

This celebrated writer has just published his latest work,

'Journal of the Plague Year'.



An interactive show,

Defoe will invite his audience to paint parallels of life during the Great Plague of 1665

and the one that we can all relate to-now.

Text  from 'A Journal of the Plague Year' by Daniel Defoe 

Conceived & dramaturgy by RAPt

Directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler & Marc Lawrence

Performed by Phil Roberts & Shannon Woollard